Day One: Intimidation

As Joe Madden once pointed-out in one of my favorite sports films, Little Giants, intimidation can get a team with far to go… pretty darn far.

This morning, according to the Twitterati, The University of Tennessee has gone ahead and added a pretty intimidating element to their recruiting class next year.

According to the Vol’s Web site, recently named head coach Lane Kiffin, has offered a scholarship to 19 year-old Daniel Hood, who signed the offer today.

What is so intimidating about this defensive end/tight end you ask?

It could be the 255 pounds that Hood carries on his 6-foot-5 build, but what I’m talking about is the assault on his juvenile record from 2003 which he was, in the end, found a delinquent and sent to a rehabilitation center.

To be a bit more specific, ESPN is reporting that he was charged with assaulting a 14-year-old girl. The good news doesn’t stop there.

“The victim’s legs and wrists were tied and her eyes and mouth were covered with duct tape before she was raped at the Sullivan County home of Hood’s father.” said the Web site.

Now I can tell you, I wouldn’t want to share a locker room with a teammate that did this when I was watching Garfield. Does Kiffin have kids?

I know kids do bad things and make silly choices… but duct taping a gal’s eyes and mouth and then helping your friend rape her seems a little beyond silly. Does anyone agree?

Volunteer alums? Would you ever forgive a guy, and then sign him to a scholarship to play at your Alma mater if he had done this to your sister, daughter or granddaughter?

Didn’t think so.

Pretty intimidating if you ask me, but more sick than anything else.

Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin

Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin


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