It’s been so long…

So in the great-long-lapse of posts I have done many things. I wasn’t just leaving you behind me in the dust, though that is where this blog did end up for about five months. I got a new job, was laid-off from an old job, started playing rugby with a new club, made a select side team,  WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, started playing sevens, ended the sevens season, went to SARANAC, got a boyfriend, got really busy with work and then grew my hair kinda long. Geesh. I guess in the scheme of things, I have done a lot in that short while. Not all of those things pertain tot his blog, but some of them do.

I have started up again covering sports, started to help coach a women’s college team, and am back to covering town happenings. Hooray for news writing, ya’ll.

Start looking for posts about the funnies, trials and tribulations I face in covering boys and girls teams, dealing with their coaches, features with top-dog ladies in the biz. and how rugby changes how I look at things and cover them.



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