Serena Williams’ outburst at tennis judge during U.S. Open

When my doctor told me that I should consider another sport that is safer for me (than rugby, heh) – she suggested tennis. I am in no way hating on tennis, but I thought a sport couldn’t be less aggressive in the physcial contact sorta way… though I do love my tennis skirt… that I wear to rugby.

After seeing Ms. Serena William’s behavior via YouTube videoSerena Williams before stuff hits the fans at the U.S. Open threatening a line judge’s life over a foot fault, I started to re-think my thoughts on tennis. No, but seriously, I think treating all game officials and their calls with respect  is vital as a player if you want to be taken seriously by coaches, players and your darn self.

Despite her behavior, Williams will continue to be taken seriously, or at least I think she will be. But as a defending U.S. Open champion with plenty of hours in the lime light, did she really think that was the wisest thing to do with the match point, and her foot, literally on the line? I mean, come on.

Regardless of this temper tantrum belonging to a man or woman, I would have the same reaction. In the past, in areas accusing sports, I have heard and seen men write and verbally blame when women express their anger (maybe not this extreme, ok) in sports (and life in general) on crap like “that time of the month” and being too emotional. I’m curious to see how this outburst will handled, especially in how t.v. commentators discuss. In fact, I could even narrow it down to “I just want to see what Scoop Jackson has to say.” I’m choosing not link here, I little trick I have picked up from

As a role model to kids (especially young girls) around the world, I wish she would have thought over her choice of words a little more, if nothing more . Maybe even the use of her racket? It’s like she actually thought people wouldn’t be watching that hissy fit on YouTube.

No question, it was disrespectful, crude and threatening.  Thoughts?

PS – Williams just introduced Pink’s performance at the VMA’s, and after stumbling over a few words, made a joke reference to her “foot” being over a line  – not her attitude, like Kanye. I guess as long as she doesn’t take herself too seriously… pshh


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