About not being just another female….

I have always loved athletics, sports, being part of teams and cheering my favorites on –  but I never quite felt like I was like the people on TV, in the newspaper or being interviewed on on the radio. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in journalism, I realized that not only was not like the athletes, but I couldn’t relate to the writers either.

Professional sports, not just in America, may just be the longest running boys club in the history of the world. I intend to give my criticisms and critiques as a lifelong athlete and lover of the game through this blog from a truly unique point of view: the female perspective.

Contrary to what you may have heard, girls do like sports, sweat and like to lift weights. When I started playing rugby in college, I came to find out just how taboo it is for girls to come to lecture with a black eye from a game (not a fight) or to go to the gym after class.

As I became more and more engaged in the blogosphere and feminism after graduation, I discovered that there were tons of women passionately talking about where we were being left out, but no one was talking about the then-pregnant Candace Parker ESPN cover story and why it was OK for her cup size to be mentioned not once but twice in the opening paragraph of an article.

Why is it OK for women to not be involved in professional sports unless they’re wearing spanx and a push-up bra? And I’m not here just to hate on cheerleaders, because I was once a cheerleader, too.

Where is the line of equality in athletics? What can I do about it? What are fans missing out on? This is more than Title IX, people – I’m talking sports.


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