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Womens Premier League rugby goes unnoticed, unannounced by anyone in Amherst

Luckily, I am on the e-mail list for USA Rugby but something recently popped up in my head that is starting to seriously irk me.

The University of Massachusetts amherst is lucky enough to be hosting a WPL (Womens Premier League) game this weekend between Beantown and The DC Furies. For those who do not know, this year is the innaugural year of the WPL, that is broken into two divisions, basically the east and west coast.

This is the first (and a great) step USA rugby has taken, in my opinion, to sort of equalizing the playing field if you will, between men and womens premier status rugby in the U.S.

So back to my point, two teams are playing the feature game at UMass during the college tournament, and not one darn thing is posted anywhere on the UMass Web site. Forgive me if I”m wrong, but if you had some amazingly talented female atgletes visiting your campus for free, you might want to help publicize it, get your name attached, maybe get some young girls out there, in the very least a community relations sorta of thing?

I know I would. but alas, despite the calls I made to the oit office, the athletics and recreation office and the cruising all over this weekends events, nothing. NADA. After making a call over to the illustrious Daily Collegian offices and speaking to an old friend, Will McGuiness, he explained that he felt certain that no one was planning on covering the game or had even heard of it. Which is cool, except it’s kind of a big deal? He then offered that I could let them know about the game and that maybe a “new person” could cover it because “it would be good practice.”

I’m not trying to hate, but a WPL game is a bigger deal than a first-time kid covering a game. A top-notch women’s event should be on a legitimate sports desk’s calendar. But then again, where are the UMass girls at with their promotion of the game? I suppose it is hard to point fingers when those involved don’t even chat up an event.


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